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[ILC07] Melodic Temptations

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: HanChul
Genre: AU!Supernatural, Romance

Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.
Beta: paradigm_twist 

IL/Pairing Assigner: rssj1314 & shadowcrawler12
Summary: A creature able to seduce any man with just a song, the man who was unable to leave his side despite not being forced by any spell.
He picked up his pace, wiping the sweat away from his temple, as he looked down to the man underneath him with a devious grin. Things were just getting started.

Heechul leaned in and pressed his lips hungrily against the man. His clothes being torn off one by one when they were suddenly interrupted.

The dark curtains shifted to reveal a dim light emitting from a candle. Heechul immediately stopped, flashing a deadly glare at the intruder.

"Is there anything else that needs to be done?" Hankyung asked nonchalantly as he lowered the candle, his voice void of all fear, rare among those who faced the wrath of his anger.

"No," Heechul replied scornfully. Hankyung saw the flash of violet in his eyes before it disappeared.

Hankyung gave a brief nod in reply and let go of the curtains. He briskly walked away from his chambers, blew out the candle and walked out of the house, stepping back into the sanctuary of the forest grounds.

He recognized the faint melody that was coming from within the house. Heechul's gift was at play again. Able to capture the heart of anyone he desired with just a whisper of his song.

He hardly noticed his quickened steps, his clenched fists or his stiffened shoulders.

It was difficult to suppress the memory of the scene he had just witnessed; an event that had occurred more often than he would prefer. He wanted to erase that memory of how intimately Heechul was held. The thought of another man touching him disgusted him to no end.

But like all the other memories, it couldn't be erased. Instead it played repeatedly, relentlessly taunting his unquenchable yearning for the captivating man.

He stopped in his tracks as he recalled that simple distinction between him and most men, one that easily stood out amongst the many. He often wondered how his companions would react if they knew the truth about his origins.

Heechul, whose melody was able to seduce any man, bringing them to their knees, and inevitably made to be at his beck and call. Hankyung, on the other hand, had to work hard to achieve any sort of results, even as he became the hired help for the radiant creature.

Unlike Heechul who was able to obtain anything he desired, Hankyung felt that he could never do the same. Even if it's the person he wanted most.

Hankyung sighed as he continued his walk. It seemed to be the only way to release his growing frustration.

Maybe it was his own mistake. He was physically close enough than most, who had envied his status. In turn, he envied their brash intimacy, where he felt more like a stranger than before.

He'd often wish he could hate the man as the others before had so easily done, disregarding this proclaimed monster, hidden behind its deceiving appearance. But it could never be done, his feelings were far from hatred.

He looked up, eyes tracing the waning crescent moon that marred the darkened sky, the song playing relentlessly in his mind.

Even without the melody, he still wanted to be claimed by him, to been seen only by those violet eyes.


Hankyung barely stepped inside when he was forced to stop in his tracks by the person who blocked his path.

"Stay outside." Heechul ordered.

Hankyung blinked, and before he could voice out, the door was shut in his face.

He initially did as he was told. He walked around aimlessly through the day until night came. His thoughts circled about with no specific purpose when his eyes gradually landed in the direction of the house. Despite the warnings, he continued walking on the familiar path until he reached the door.

His curiosity gripped him. This wasn't the first time he had been ordered to leave the house. They had always seemed random, but over the years he gradually realized that there was a similar pattern on nights like this.

He pondered about his decision as he stared at the red velvet moon that hid itself behind the clouds.

He knew that once he walked inside, he'd be deliberately disobeying his orders and facing the potential full wrath of his anger. But he was confident that he would not harm him. He never had.

Hankyung daringly set foot into the darkened house, aware that every single candle were unlit. He cautiously took each step until he reached his chambers, he coursed through the many curtains until he saw an inkling of a figure in the far corner. His lower body was covered in the mass of blankets as the shadows completely shielded his face.

"What are you doing here?" Heechul said quietly.

His tone was deadly but it did not deter his motive at all. Hankyung let the curtains fall behind him, stepping forward until he settled down beside him.

"Leave." Heechul ordered.

Hankyung sat there silently.

"I'll use force if I must."

There was only one possible way for Heechul to do so. It was not by sheer strength or luck but by the ability bestowed upon him and his kind. A spell that came into form of a melody, a song that only their victims were able to hear.

Not once since they had met had he cast that spell on him. He stayed because he wanted to.

Hankyung carefully reached out, until he felt his fingers brushing his shoulder. Heechul flinched away from his touch as if it burned him.

In that brief moment, he caught a glimpse of his face.

His skin color that had once been milky-white was now a sickly shade. His refined silky strands of hair was lackluster. Even his dark brown eyes had changed to a noticeably shade of violet.

Heechul buried himself further in the sheets, covering himself completely from his eyes.

"I won't leave." Hankyung insisted.

"You must." Heechul declared. "No one must see me in this state."

Hankyung furrowed his eyebrows. It was unusual to see the prideful man ashamed of himself, let alone to cower away from those he deemed unworthy.

He sat beside the distressed man, carefully patting his back through the sheets. He stared solemnly at the small crevice in the wooden walls, and saw the red velvet moon, lighting up the dark sky.


Hankyung slowly stirred, aware that dawn had now arrived as he glanced at the crevice. His eyes gradually landed on the figure that stood against the wall, a stoic expression on his face.

"You speak of last night to no one." Heechul stated. "One word. And I will make an example out of you."

"I've seen your other examples before." Hankyung replied as he stood up, gradually stepping towards him. "I know not to cross that line."

Heechul scoffed as he turned away, stiffening slightly at the gentle hand that touched his cheek.

He met Hankyung's relieved smile. "You're fine now at least."

Heechul locked eyes with him. "My companion will be coming soon. Do not interrupt us."

"Must you always have one?" Hankyung lowered his hand, the smile had also faltered. "I don't see why you have to have so many-"

"There is no need to explain myself to the likes of you."

Hankyung nodded, used to the familiar excuse. His kind were hardly known to give explanations for their actions. Their difference alone sufficed as a reason. "I will leave before your next companion comes along then." With that he left the room.

Heechul turned slightly and subtly tracing the curtains with his fingers, his eyes following Hankyung's movements until he stepped out of the house.

Heechul sighed as he laid back against the sheets, wondering why he had lied about a companion's visit to Hankyung. There'd be no point in asking one over either way, despite the brief fun and anticipation, it hardly left him satisfied. A unusual sentiment unfortunately.

But at least now he was able to focus on his own thoughts without the man's constant's presence. The man whose gradually weakening hold revealed more emotions than he realized.

He was quite aware of the human's discomfort, his constant weak attempt to suppress his emotions and avoid displaying them on his face. But he dared not point them out, and instead found himself feeling rather curious about them.

He admitted that he was infatuated with the man who lived in his home for years. Ever since they had first cross paths with each other. He had taken noticed of him when he stood up against him when no one else had ever did.

Infatuation was only the tip of his own feelings for him. He found that despite his attitude and behavior, his thoughts consisted only of him.

Heechul could have easily ordered him to comply with his desires, but somehow he found he unable to do it. He couldn't sing that soft melody that had brought everyone to their knees, to submit to him entirely. The thought of Hankyung being his if he had used the song wounded his pride, and deepened the one in his chest.

He wanted him, and that thought alone was becoming dangerous.

To want something beneath you was unheard of. Undeserving beings were meant to want you. His kind would never have the same desire as it went against their very core of their being. To want him was to go against every ideal he had ever learned.

But he wanted to break them more than ever.


Hankyung glanced at the completely darkened sky, lost in his thoughts when he smelt the sweet fragrance that had tempted so many others.

He looked up and saw the beautiful man, holding on to a single flower on the branch above him. It buckled as he tore it away. Hankyung continued to watch, his attention solely on the fleeting moment before him.

Heechul was aware of his presence, and offered a beckoning smile. Hankyung was unable to refuse as he strode towards him, eventually settling down beside him.

"You're not at home." Hankyung commented.

"Is that strange to you?" Heechul asked as he cradled the radiant flower in his hand, its color illuminated and revealed a smile that was unable to leave his lips.

"You're always with someone." Hankyung murmured disdainfully.

Heechul tilted his head playfully. "I'm with you tonight. That must count for something."

"Are you simply bored with them already?" Hankyung asked. "Must we find a new place that is still untouched by the sound of your touching song?"

Heechul narrowed his eyes slightly at his sarcasm, the flower's color wavered mimicked his emotions. "Why so critical after all these years?" He focused on the flower. "You've said nothing when I've used that song on others before."

"These companions know nothing of you," Hankyung stated as he turned away, unable to stay silent any longer. "Absolutely nothing of your true nature. They only come to you because of that melody."

"Enough." Heechul ordered.

"No," Hankyung said. "I don't understand how someone as... How you are so focused on your insecurities when you don't have to be?"

He could never understand.

"Who would still want me after seeing such a vile form of me?" Heechul spat out, the flower's color darkening completely. "Who would want to after knowing my personality? After knowing what kind of creature I truly am?"

The tips of the petals turned black.

"How would others even come close to me without the song?" Heechul asked bitterly.

The wilted flower fell from his hand onto the ground.

Heechul lowered his eyes as he clenched his fists. "They would never."

Hankyung parted his lips hesitantly, afraid to reveal every emotion he had struggled to hide. "Why does the opinion of strangers matter when I-"

"Your opinion is hardly kind." Heechul murmured.

"But its honest." Hankyung reasoned. "You'll never have to use it because unlike the others who were free from the spell, I'll never leave you."

Without the flower's light, Hankyung was left to speculate what his expression looked like.

"Then vow eternity to me." Heechul said quietly as he turned. Hankyung could see half of his face now. "If you are as willing as you claim, then vow to stay beside a hideous monster forever."

Hankyung gently reached out, cradled his cheek and turned it into his direction. His eyes looking directly at darkened violet eyes.

"You are far from hideous," He declared as he leaned in, his lips barely grazing against the other. "And hardly a monster."

He meet his lips briefly, unsure of his reaction. But unlike the defiled acts of intimacy with the countless others, it was a chaste and modest kiss.

Heechul's eyes had lightened as he pulled away, but Hankyung was unable to see their full radiance as he leaned in again. Years of yearning had forbid him from stopping.

Heechul was gratified by the kiss, satisfied even as he laid against his chest, allowing the once undeserving creature to gently caress his back.

Among the many nights that they spent in his chambers, the melody continued to play relentlessly in past memories but remained unneeded, as he had now attained his eternal companion. 

rssj1314 's HanChul

- ILC06 [EunHae]  ☆ ILC08 [Minwook] -
A/N: Its been so long since I wrote HanChul .-. This an attempt at it, a sad attempt...but maybe if there's a chance in the future ><.
I've seriously been in a supernatural mood lately .-. no idea why... Then again, my astronomy class might not be helping >>;
Tags: c: hankyung, c: heechul, challenge♣initial line, pairing: hanchul, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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