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Strength Of A Dragon
Pairing: Haetoria
Rating: PG | Genre: AU!General, Minor!Romance | Word count: 206
[H] Summary: The comfort turned to when you're down on your luck.

Victoria, enraged, forced opened her closet and reached for anything related to him. The shirt worn on their first date, the matching hats and various gifts.

The last shirt snagged. Frustrated, she pulled it until it finally released, stumbling onto the ground. She opened her eyes and faced with wide ones, letting go of the shirt and reached for the revealed stuffed dragon that had been buried.

A wave of nostalgia washed over her. It was worn, beat up, aged, she hadn't seen it in years.

"When you're sad," The new plush given carefully in her small arms. "Hug him."

Her cellphone rang and she picked up. "Are you alright?" Donghae asked.

"I'm fine." She replied idly, distracted.

"You don't have to lie to me. I heard about what that jerk did."

She nodded. Victoria had been infuriated, downhearted, engulfed by a whirlpool of emotions towards her former boyfriend she confronted only hours earlier. But it dwindled as she traced the dragon's ears, she smiled softly at her childhood friend's protective tone.

"I really am."

"...I'm still coming over." She chuckled at Donghae's rush to her house and gave a warm look at the stuffed animal. Comforted, she closed the phone and hugged the gentle dragon.


Splashes Of Color
Pairing: Hyuktoria
Rating: PG-13 | Genre: AU!General, Romance | Word count: 341
[H] Summary: Her style may repulse the world, but she'd rather it kept him by.

"You look ridiculous."

Victoria glared at her close friend. "A lot of people don't think so."

"A lot of people lie." Eunhyuk earned a punch to the shoulder, exaggerating his pain. Victoria studied her layered multicolored outfit and dyed red hair, a colorful clash of an attire.

"I think I look great."

"That is not a common opinion." He retorted. "Please spare my eyesight for all of humanity."

Victoria scowled. "Then find other people who lack creativity."

"It's insult to call your clothes art." He hissed from the fierce kick to his shin. At least she wasn't plain, she told herself, with a subtle frown she left her wincing friend behind.


Victoria stood before the mirror and gave a look over, something she wasn't used to doing. She had always put on whatever she grabbed and left like that, but now she was second guessing herself.

She couldn't see what was wrong with how she dressed, but maybe it really was too horrid a sight for everyone else... Maybe it did bother him.

Sighing, she studied the particularly clean, crisp and mainly beige outfit within the windowsill.

"That doesn't seem like your style." She turned around at the voice, but the retort had completely left her.

Eunhyuk's usual brown hair was dyed a deep red.

"I tried something new." He said proudly of his bold appearance, then puzzled. "Why did you change your look?"

"Didn't it bother you?" She returned, trying not to sound hesitant and insecure. "You seemed ashamed."

"Just because my eyes burn, does not mean I'm ashamed. They're distinct differences."

"Then you don't mind being seen with me?" Eunhyuk shook his head. "I'll still dress hideously." He shrugged. "Are you ready to face judgmental public scrutiny?"

"I'm no coward." He asserted, earning a skeptical chuckle.

Eunhyuk then abruptly grabbed her hand, tugging her to follow beside him.

"Liar." She added under her breath, earning a dark glare. She laughed as he swung an arm around her shoulders and continued walking, their vibrant red hair reveled beneath the sunlight.


Breaking Policy
Pairing: Yesung/Rainie
Rating: PG | Genre: AU!General, Romance, Minor!Comedy | Word count: 322
[H] Summary: Rules were meant to be broken.

Yesung regretted the day Eunhyuk hired her.

She wasn't a bad worker, had an unfavorable attitude, or anything of the sort. The ideal employee, and that irked him the most. He never wished more than anything for the company policy to suddenly not prohibit dating.

"She's too pretty to work in the back." He insisted loudly, arguing with his manager who rolled his eyes.

"Then join her." Eunhyuk retorted, his usually reluctant employee bolted to her assistance.

Yesung was relieved for the lack of workers in the storage room. To his relief, she didn't seem to mind it either. The more time spent together, he realized the full effects her smiles had. It all made him never step onto the sales floor.

There was no other choice as each day passed by painfully, knowing those rules still applied. Something had to be done.


Yesung took the courage to step in the office and handed his resignation letter.

"I have no idea why you're quitting." Eunhyuk said stoically.

"I know what you think, but I just can't stop thinking about her." Yesung affirmed, crossing his arms. "I'll go through any lengths, any obstacle, she can't get out of my mind-"

"I get it." Eunhyuk interrupted his dramatic love declaration, looking over the letter. "Just wanted to say that Rainie's a seasonal employee, her last day was today."

Yesung widened his eyes, took a moment a process that, then bolted out of the office. He then returned and popped his head through the door, "Um...could we forget my whole quit-"

"Forgetting." Eunhyuk ripped the letter in half as Yesung rushed out of the store.

His manager soon stepped out, watching through the store windows as Rainie turned around, confronted with Yesung's waving arms and childishly exaggerated expressions.

The moment the confession ended, Rainie grinned happily with her hands pressed together, her acceptance making Yesung jump up and down excitedly.

Eunhyuk tsked. "He's working over-time."


Within The Scripted Lines
Pairing: Hanchul
Rating: PG-13 | Genre: AU!Romance | Word count: 350
[Y] Summary: People often change, he wished this one never did.

He intended to stay out of sight, but Hankyung found him easily as always. He would have gleefully praised the man before, but now, he wanted nothing more than to stay hidden.

"Can't you be a good guy again?" Heechul asked exasperatedly, met with that unfamiliar, loathsome smirk.

"If I become a good guy, then you won't be as focused on me anymore."

Heechul scoffed. He dealt with enough egotistical jerks this year alone that he anticipated Hankyung's visits, one who was always sweet and considerate. But Hankyung's sudden change in attitude this past summer left him seething.

"You're not that great of a kisser." Heechul insisted, once the latter brought it up. He forced one during his last visit, one he used to relive secretly and hoped to repeat.

"Then why did you insist on kissing me then?"

He gaped. Whatever happened to his docile Hankyung? The same person who would often stutter at his presence alone, smile nervously and become a wreck.

That was the Hankyung he fell for, the one he wanted back.


Frustrated, Heechul scribbled on whatever sheets available from Hankyung's bag, oblivious to its contents when he abruptly stopped.

He widened his eyes at the page. Every quote, word for word, it was all familiar. Mainly because one person had attacked him relentlessly with each one-liner.

The moment he confronted Hankyung, he witnessed that horrified expression at the papers in his hand. He doubted Hankyung would rehearse his dialogue, but the substantial evidence and his expression only confirmed it.


Hankyung's confidence left him just as quickly as it came, and Heechul finally saw a glimmer of the old Hankyung.

"You only date confident guys..." Hankyung explained slowly.

Heechul leaned in, observing carefully, deeming his honesty. "I date confident guys, not jerks." He was given a doubtful look. "Alright, I did. But it was just a phase, I'm long over it."

Hankyung lowered his eyes, still in disbelief. Heechul smiled with glinting eyes.

"Earlier when I said you weren't a good kisser." He pulled Hankyung's collar roughly and declared against his lips, "I was lying."


One Day, Three Autumns
Pairing: Haemin
Rating: PG-13 | Genre!Romance, Minor!Drama | Word count: 336
[Y] Summary: Finally, he was coming home.

Donghae opened the album, filled with different postcards in each slot.

"What am I supposed to say?" He asked out loud, wishing the album held an answer or some clue.

It had been three years since Sungmin left to travel the world. He couldn't follow, restrained by work and schedules. Yet his significant hadn't forgotten him, delightfully greeted with a postcard each day by mail.

Within a week's time Sungmin would return, putting him in an awkward bind of what his first words should be, wanting it to be memorable. Sungmin deserved such a strong welcome. Grinning, he reached for his phone and began planning.

That autumn day of his arrival, Donghae waited impatiently by the train station, anxiously swaying about, squinting his eyes every so often to check for that familiar face. He held no flowers with the shops closed, no gifts since he lost his credit card, unable to contact anyone else who may have wanted to greet him. Left standing alone on the platform, drenched from the pouring rain.

Anything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

He felt chills from both anticipation and the seeping cold. The seconds spent waiting felt like years.

The crowd dispersed as quickly as it arrived, he looked above their faces when his gaze finally landed on that familiar face, beaming at him once their eyes met.

"I'm sorry," He started out, instantly regretting his empty arms as the man walked towards him. "I should have gotten something, but then-"

The other picked up his pace and lunged at him, arms around him as they fell backwards to the ground, planted with many kisses. Donghae couldn't get a word in when Sungmin muffled his apologies with a passionate kiss.

They embraced each other tightly. Their yearning expressed in their brightened smiles and mingled soft laughter. His arms now filled with the most important person.

"Welcome home." Donghae murmured, earning a second kiss.

This moment, an endearing and somewhat painful reunion, would always remain the most memorable.


A/N: Took me four days after they were requested, the challenge given was to write everything under 350 words. I tried .-. I tried ;-; To that, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask if a drabble needs to be elaborated/explained. My required word count may have stumped ^^;

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