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[ILC20] A Good Thing

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Zhou Mi/Henry
Genre: AU!General, Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.
Beta: paradigm_twist
IL/Pairing Assigner: rssj1314 & shadowcrawler12
[Challenge][Y][FF] Summary: He determines what's best for himself, even if no one else can understand why.


"One more is no more. One less is no less." The man said, leaning back against the leather seat.

Zhou Mi couldn't disagree with his boss's words, reluctantly grabbing the top file from the stack, without bothering to check the information inside. He entered the assigned courtroom, reading up on the defendant's pleads and charges against him. He furrowed his eyebrows, as he found a sense of familiarity within the crimes listed.

"He wouldn't."

He heard the doors open and watched as Henry walked in. Once their eyes met, the latter waved his hand excitedly.

"You would." He mouthed. Henry shrugged, acting aloof as he walked towards the table and stood beside his lawyer.

Zhou Mi slumped a little in his seat before sighing as he stood up. "I know the defendant. I can't take this case."


"If you hadn't said anything, I could have gotten away with it."

"Sabotaging my own trial won't get me far." Zhou Mi rationalized as he scanned the newspaper while sitting on the outside bench, the newspaper that was crumpled as Henry pulled it away from his grasp. "And I enjoy knowing about your dealings through this instead of you telling me them yourself."

"Can I help that I want to resolve my own matters my way?" Henry smiled, kneeling down before his legs, his chin laid on his lap as he tilted his head to look at Zhou Mi.

"How does punching the college interviewer resolve anything?"

"They have no room for me? Lies! I can live in the janitor's closet." Henry explained simply.

Zhou Mi lowered his eyes once Henry stood up from his previous position and sat down beside him, body leaning against his shoulders.

"Then again, you may be okay with it... Since you didn't want me to leave and head off to a faraway university in the first place."

"It is too far." Zhou Mi muttered.

"A thirty minute drive. With traffic." Henry added, childishly reaching for the briefcase and playing around with the locks. "You're more possessive than you look."

Zhou Mi stayed silent. The truth of the matter was that Henry could get anyone he wanted, in spite of first impressions; the blaring truth that often made him nervous. The fact that Henry chose him, and refuted any offers was assuring. But he still couldn't help but take extra precautions.

Henry, looking out from the corner of his eye at his expression, smirked. "Does sleeping with the judge get me off this?" Henry mused out loud, chuckling once Zhou Mi deliberately placed an arm around him. "Jealously is unbecoming of you."

"You make me become everything I'm not meant to be." Zhou Mi murmured exhaustively, tilting his head back, relaxing as he managed to take a short break from his usually hectic schedule.

"Is that a good thing?" Henry asked, reading through the various articles once he was done with the briefcase.

Zhou Mi pursed his lips, thinking it over. Henry slowly lowered the newspaper, no longer caring as he arched an eyebrow. Henry then smacked his shoulder. "You're taking too long to answer." He huffed as he dropped the things abruptly in the lawyer's lap and stalked off.

Zhou Mi laughed under his breath, an expression unusual as most would claim that they had never saw, but Henry brought these out from him. He reached for his briefcase and the destroyed newspaper, hurrying after the fuming boyfriend.

In truth, he didn't need to think it over, deciding to tease the other, which was also acting out of his character.

There may always be new sides to him; new things that he would never have done before, but it didn't matter. Being with Henry was always a good thing. It always would be.

rssj1314's ZhouRy

- ILC19 [Kyusung] ☆ ILC21 [Eunhyuk/Henry] -


A/N: I think I'm suffering from Law and Order withdrawal o.O

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Tags: c: henry, c: zhou mi, challenge♣initial line, pairing: zhoury, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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