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[DC03] Engraved Promises

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: SuHyuk
Genre: AU!Romance, Drama
Theme: Burst, Phrase to include: "flint and flicker"
Summary: A promise holds little worth in this underground lifestyle, where actions display loyalty and strength. Eunhyuk means every word, if only Junsu would simply listen.


The sparks as the metal was sharped, melding as it took its shape. Loud bangs echoed across the barely lit room as the hammer repeatedly struck the glowing hot metal.

Dipped into cold water, the steam erupted in full clouds that parted across the face of the stolid man who examined his work.

"It's your basic flint and flicker tool, humans ages ago used it to survive. I always admired the crafts they made from such simple and basic tools."

He lowered it by his side as the steam cleared.

"It proves that someone with the greatest advances, even with the best weapon at their disposal, doesn't always win the fight."

Eunhyuk turned around at the gun near his forehead and studied it briefly. "Incredibly efficient design for speed, horrible accuracy." Eunhyuk stated of the weapon in question.

"Can you imitate it?" Junsu asked.

Eunhyuk arched an eyebrow, his jeans soiled with his faded shirt. "Am I able to? Yes. Will I? No."

Junsu sighed in frustration, his blazer parted as he stood behind the other man who began to reuse some materials. The room was cave-like, when one stepped in they noticed the deteriorating reddened walls one edge of the room until they reached dirt floors that held his work. Junsu glanced at the crackling fire in the far corner.

Eunhyuk wore his gloves as he slowly placed in a pot, the hard metal would soon melt. The man always worked, but Junsu noticed the never used component that laid on the table, one a gunsmith required. "You still haven't made what was asked. The boss-"

"I won't speak to him." Eunhyuk interjected firmly, "And I refuse to make it." He walked back to his brick made desk, lowered to his knees to reach an object that fell beneath. Once he grabbed it, he turned his head, subtly surprised to see Junsu leveled beside him.

"You enjoy being rude." Junsu said, lifting up Eunhyuk's chin to make him face him.

He refused to play the victim. Eunhyuk arranged his own conditions, his own requirements that had been followed to the detail, with no family or valuables at risk. He was, unfortunately, free to refuse their demands.

Eunhyuk isolated himself, living off in closed quarters from the rest of the criminal enterprise, his name mostly known but his face never seen.

Only Junsu was allowed in, the only messenger Eunhyuk willingly spoke with. But Junsu could tell, for other reasons, why Eunhyuk was so insistent on him.

The faint light showed Eunhyuk's hardened gaze softened at his touch.

Junsu lowered his hand, standing up. "He's losing patience with you. He had been too distracted these past few years to pay attention to you, but now that they're dealt with, he'll be taking out his frustration on you."

Eunhyuk reached for the tool and examined it closely, purposely looking away.

"Do as he asks. He won't take no as easily as I do." Junsu informed, his tone relaxed compared to the way he addressed others.

"Thank you for the warning." Eunhyuk said lowly, walking away from him as he went about melting the metal. Junsu sighed as Eunhyuk forced himself to escape his thoughts and return to make useless tools. Things that were of no use to his boss.

"If you don't make it soon, your reason for being here will be useless." Junsu said, walking amongst the soiled floor towards the doors. Eunhyuk was well aware of what he meant.

The boss would never let him go.

He'd kill him.


"We have the best gun maker in our hands, but what are we left with?!" His boss yelled, smashing the glass onto the marble floor. "Nothing I can use!"

Junsu dodged the vase with ease, but watched as his boss lowered himself to his seat. This room was just as dark, the lights dimmed in the entire household with impenetrable curtains at every window and every crevice closed.

"They're after me. I know they are, they think I'm useless!" The man yelled incoherently. "Kidnapping him was useless."

"Patience, Soon-"

"We've had him for five years." The man stated. "You've studied him long enough, you must know how to break him. To make him do what we want."

Junsu's jaw tensed slightly, an action his boss barely noticed.

"Every man has a weakness, a wish they want, a desire. Even that prince must have something he wants more than anything." His boss smiled wickedly. "And with that, we use it against him."


"This is rare. You hardly visit me twice in one day." Eunhyuk said, sitting on the chair as he traced detailed sketches of tools. "What does his highness want now?"

Junsu resumed his professional tone as he sat on the edge of the couch. "What is it that you want? What will it take to make you work?"

The hand paused his sketch. "Are you asking me?"

"I'm pleading with you." Junsu said exasperatedly, dissatisfied with the other's nonchalant tone. "There must be something. Tell me." He said, leaning forward.

Eunhyuk shifted his vision from the paper to Junsu's thwarted expression. "What does it take?" He repeated.

The sheets of paper fell to the ground from his loosened grip, those same hands marked by years of hard labor laid against Junsu's chest. Those same darkened eyes focused only on him.

They could never truly focus on anything else.

"What do you think I want most?" Eunhyuk asked earnestly, a glimmer of vulnerability expressed through his actions.

Junsu cleared his throat and straightened up, pulling down his thin wrists. "You've been here too long."

"You can't tell me what I don't want."

Eunhyuk roughly met his lips, only as the seconds passed did he relax, treating his lips with care and delicacy. The man who could create the most beautiful things with his hands, gripped his shirt and melded their heated kiss until he was losing breath.

Junsu was the first to pull away, standing up, panting slightly. His thoughts were clearing, reason coming back. "You're confused."

Eunhyuk narrowed his eyes, insulted. "Why is it that as I'm clear as day about my emotions, you refuse to acknowledge how I feel? I may have been taken away, but I never lost my mind or lost sight of who I am." He stood up. "You make it seem as if I have a future outside, he will never let me."

They both knew that. Yet still, Junsu went on, "It happens with victims, even those who can still go about. I won't take advantage of you because of it."

"Don't pretend as if its some favor to me." Eunhyuk said bitterly, walking past his discarded papers to the back of the room.


He was in the right, Junsu told himself. He'd be taking advantage.

It'd be wrong if he had gone along with it. He simply couldn't.


Eunhyuk fell to the ground, a foot pressed forcibly against his ribcage.

"Do as I say!" The man yelled.

Eunhyuk was nonchalant to the attacks against him, his jaw bruised from repeated strikes, his skins marked by the constant kicks and punches. The pain meant nothing to him.

And while the man could hold his composure, the boss was losing every bit of it.

The doors opened as Junsu bolted in, quickly scanning the scene between the two. "What are you doing?"

"Doing what you couldn't." The boss replied, Eunhyuk was lifted by the collar, yanked closer to his horrid breath.

"Let him go. This will do nothing to help."

His boss burst out laughing, fueled by the alcohol as he threw Eunhyuk to the wall. The man slid to the ground, breaking his fall with his arms.

"Do you even have the nerve?" The man spat, challenging Junsu's authority. He trudged forward, ramming the edge of the gun across his face. Junsu stood his ground when he felt the gun forced in his hand.

"You have no guts. You can't raise a hand, much less a fist." He stepped forward, "I've handled hundreds, more than you have ever saw. Each crying, begging me to spare them, as if their words worked on me."

His twisted smile grew wider, proud of his deeds. "You can't even kill if you had to, can you?"

Junsu maintained the stare in stern deadlock, he walked round his boss towards the man who remained knelt on the ground.

Eunhyuk lifted his head, a gun aimed directly at him. Junsu's finger on the trigger.

Eunhyuk simply closed his eyes.

The bullet lodged in the barrel.

Junsu smirked, withdrawing his hand. "This gun of yours is as useless as ever, never short of problems." He turned his head. "This is why you took him in the first place, to make you one that is flawless, that'll work according to how you need it."

He looked back, his boss's face reddened a furious red.

"If any of him is hurt, he won't be able to make your supplies. Every sense, every part is vital to ensure quality in his work. You yourself have stated how valuable a gunsmith's hands are."

Junsu handed back the gun, thrusting it into his boss's hands.

"While I may lack nerve, you lack common sense." Junsu said crossly.

His boss gritted his teeth, but remained silent. He paced with his head low as he bursted through the doors without care.

"Stand up." Junsu ordered. His attitude remained indifferent as he stared menacingly at the doors.

He was startled by the hand that touched his cheek, gently touching the bruise left there.

"Come with me." Eunhyuk said, pulling his arm. Junsu reluctantly followed.

They escaped the narrowed eyes that kept watch of the place, and once inside the comfort of Eunhyuk's room, did he settle Junsu on the couch. He kept a careful gaze as Eunhyuk returned with a kit, his own assortment of bandages and medicines.

"When did you get all these?"

Eunhyuk knelt down on the ground as he reached for a certain bottle. "Melding metal is not a risk free career. Any injury you have, I know how to take care of." He explained, he dabbed it on a clean cloth. Junsu could see the red and purple array that scarred his skin.

"You're in a worse state than I, shouldn't you take care of yourself first?"

"I know how to care for myself, you don't." Eunhyuk explained simply, earning a subtle glare. "He seems angrier than usual."

Junsu sighed, knowing very well why. "...He thinks I outed him to the police."

Eunhyuk hesitated from applying the liquid. "Is he right?"

Junsu narrowed his eyes, "If everyone wants to assume the worst of me, then why bother saying otherwise."

Eunhyuk kept a hand on Junsu's shoulder, forcing him to stay seated. "I'm not asking because I doubt you. I'm asking because I want to hear your side." He assured, gently patting his struck cheek. "You can confide in me."

He reapplied the liquid. "I promise never to betray you, to always be loyal."

"Are you aware of how serious your words are? How can I hold you to that promise?"

To this, the corners of his lips shifted upwards. He simply replied, "You have to trust me."

Easier said than done, trust was a worthy trait, but a valuable rarely given in their lifestyles. "I'm sorry." He said abruptly, at Eunhyuk's silent question he replied. "When I aimed the gun at you, I didn't mean to-"

"Its fine." Eunhyuk uttered. "I knew the gun wouldn't work. That guy stubbornly keeps it, but it's useless."

Junsu surveyed the man who finished his work and closed the kit. "You're lonely, aren't you?" Junsu asked rather playfully.

"I'm not." Eunhyuk stated. "Not with you coming to visit me everyday, or at least, almost."

Junsu smiled briefly at his dejected tone. He then frowned. "You reminded me of how hectic my schedule is," He glanced at his watch. "I made my stay longer than I intended. If it wasn't for that paranoid idiot I..." He cursed under his breath and stood up.

"I may have to stay outside for a bit, until he settles down." Junsu reasoned. Eunhyuk eyed him thoughtfully.

"If you want to stay here, you can." Eunhyuk offered. "He never comes down here."

Junsu gave a small smile, but politely declined. With his hand on the doorknob, he said sincerely a distinct "Thank you."

He stepped out of the room, his back turned against disappointed eyes. Eunhyuk remained on the ground, his hopes dashed as he curled his fingers around the edges of the kit, his knuckles whitening.

On the other side of the door, the man leaned against it, using every ounce of his will not to walk inside and take up on his offer.


"I know you did it!"

"I did nothing." Junsu argued. "You're the foolish one if you think they're right."

"Or maybe I'm finally seeing it clearly. You've been after my place all along." He jabbed his gun to Junsu's chest. "The police keep asking questions, someone keeps giving them answers. Answers only you would know."


Junsu widened his eyes as he was taken off his weapon, the revolver aimed between his eyes.

The boss had lost all rational, nothing would stop him. His reddened skin, flared eyes and shaking hand that struggled to maintain proper aim. A man stripped of all security, pride and filled with fear.

He trusted no one, not even Junsu.

"I'll kill you, before you kill me." He declared.

Junsu flinched.

The sound ripped through the room, echoing in the hallways outside, soon followed by a dead silence.

The man buckled backwards.

Junsu saw to his horror, the gun bursted and exploded internally. The boss's hand was injured and covered in blood, but that wasn't what brought him down.

Red spilled in the corner of his chest.

Junsu turned around, frozen as Eunhyuk stood his ground, gun raised. Eunhyuk met his gaze, on deadlock.

The metal clacked to the ground as the gun was thrown, Eunhyuk took off his gloves.

"The barrel has only enough room for one bullet." Eunhyuk explained idly. "A major design flaw, but it meant I only had one vital to survive if I ever needed it. To think I'd use it for you."

Junsu stared at the gun, Eunhyuk stood behind him. "I warned you not to carry it."

"I know... but I thought I'd keep it with me nonetheless. It seemed I was right to." Junsu said, turning around at the sight as he stepped forward, needing to leave the room.

Eunhyuk followed after him without question, without demanding. Simply by his side.


The power shifted.

Junsu regained his status, but it wasn't simply handed to him. He faced someone who swept in and taken what should have been his. He'd have to earn himself his authority once more, and regain what was meant to be his.

"You're starting over." Eunhyuk voiced.

Junsu leaned back against the seat, posing a question he long wondered as time passed. "Are you not going to grab freedom and escape while you can? The new boss isn't aware of your capabilities."

"I won't leave you."

Junsu chuckled. "And do you think I'll keep you alive? What if I hold onto you, and never let go? You don't want to be trapped by me."

Eunhyuk moved behind him, his hands on his shoulders. "For as long as you need, I'll be loyal to whatever you ask for." He declared. "But not under his command."

"Are you giving yourself to me?" Junsu prompted, his tone lighthearted. He felt Eunhyuk's hands leave his shoulders and rounded about the seat, standing a short distance away.

"I'm a hypocrite." Eunhyuk uttered. "While I hate murder and senseless crime, I contribute to making the weaponry. While I do not condone slavery, I willingly become one for your every indulgence."

He scoffed bitterly. "And while I wanted to hate you at first, instead I've always admired you."

"Just admiration?"

"Maybe more." His tone alluding to something he was still afraid to say.

Junsu raised his gaze towards the man's torn expression, and asked calmly. "You swear loyalty to me, then you swear all honesty as well then?"

Eunhyuk nodded without hesitation.

Junsu smiled, deciding to take the risk.

"Let's see if you can hold to it then."


It was different now.

Junsu had moved to a different place, one that had windows and less of dark curtains that held the workings inside. Not as terrified of the world as the former boss was.

The curtains remained daringly open on the exchange between Junsu, with his familiar dark and tailored suit, sitting in his chair as he sat before his grinning guest.

"How much is your gun? I've never seen such a make."

"It was a gift." Junsu explained, revealing an exquisite and uniquely crafted model, etched with carved initials. He then closing the box that contained it. "It's priceless."

His guest laughed with him when the doors burst open.

Eunhyuk walked into the office, wearing casual clothes, contrasting against the others who wore tailored suits. He greeted the guest, who took this as his cue to leave.

"I'll take my leave then, but why not join me later at one of my houses? We have plenty of women or men, tailored to whatever of your liking."

Junsu could see from the corner of his eye Eunhyuk's stiffened shoulders.

"I will consider the offer." Junsu said. "But I'm quite busy, I may not have the time."

The guest shook his head disapprovingly. "If you ever want a personal show, I shall hand you the numbers of my very best. I can guarantee."

The guest then left, leaving the two standing in the sun-litted office. He stood up from his seat, walking in stride towards the bitter man.

Junsu smiled playfully as he stood behind Eunhyuk. "Are you bothered by his offer?"

Eunhyuk curtly averted his gaze. "If that's what you want, who am I to stop you?" His blatant annoyance etched on his face.

"You came to visit me for a reason, what reason could it be?" Junsu asked, encircling the man who still avoided his eyes.

"I wanted to see if you received your gift, but from your bragging, you seem to like it." He said idly. "If you didn't want me here, then say so."

"I always appreciate what you give." Junsu said honestly. "And I don't believe I ever said I didn't want you here."

Amongst the others he built friendships and business contacts with, of all the ones who swore to him their loyalty and praise, it was still only Eunhyuk he confided in, trusted the most.

The only one he was selfish with, wanting him more than anyone. Even with the abundance of offers given to him daily, his thoughts could only drift to the man waiting in his home.

Eunhyuk shifted his gaze as he felt fingers gently touch his cheek.

"I promise, I won't look at anyone but you." Junsu said, gently kissing his forehead.

"How can I hold you to that promise?" Eunhyuk countered lowly, his eyes closed as Junsu kissed his cheek.

He refused to fall for the same trick, but his heart wavered with his touch alone. And once their lips met, he couldn't help but give in. He allowed Junsu as much control as he wanted, to do with him as he cared, for a man who had given no one order over him, he'd given Junsu exactly that.

He'd hold Junsu to his promise, as well as he held his own.

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A/N: LJ refused to let me post anything... I guess issues were still ongoing.

I tried to make it as much dominant!Su/Bottom!Hyuk as possible, no idea if I accomplished that whatsoever. I shall keep trying >< And hurriedly await go at the next challenge ^^

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