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[SC15] Teasing Mochis

Rating: PG
Pairing: Henwook
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.
[Y][FF][Challenge] Theme: Food, Phrase to include: "It's like walking 250 stairs, but less pain on the feet"
Summary: Teasing him is the his favorite activity.


Henry entered their apartment and left behind his many jackets on the ground from the cold outside. Ryeowook followed behind him and cleaned up the messy trail when Henry grabbed a jacket out of his hand. “You don’t need to do that.”

Ryeowook smiled. “It’s fine.”  Ryeowook said as he continued on, Henry shrugged and sat on the sofa and watched Ryeowook continue about. The door opened and entered Siwon; Henry furrowed his eyebrows at the smell and muttered to Ryeowook.

“He smells like the beach.”

Siwon caught it and smiled. “Swimming is very relaxing, though I wish I could’ve spent more time there.”

Ryeowook tilted his head as he grabbed a towel and handed it towards Siwon. “But you left a few hours ago…” Siwon grinned as he dried himself with the towel.

“You swam for three hours straight?” Henry asked skeptically as he leaned his face on his palm.

"It’s very good for the body health wise. It’s like walking 250 stairs, but less pain on the feet nonetheless.” Siwon said happily.

“Sounds fun.” Henry commented; Siwon nodded, oblivious to the sarcastic tone. “You and your athletic obsession, don’t you think you’re-” Ryeowook covered Henry’s mouth before he could go on. Siwon didn’t notice and walked off to his room. When he was gone completely, Ryeowook dropped his hands. “Henry, you can’t say things like that.”

“It wasn’t anything horrible.” Henry murmured, Ryeowook stared at him until he gave in. “Sorry.” Henry reached for Ryeowook’s hand and patted himself on the head.

“There, I’m punished.” Ryeowook let out a small chuckle as Henry reached for Ryeowook’s waist and pulled him in. “I’m hungry.”

“What happened to the food stash in your bed?” He asked.

Henry sighed. “Zhou Mi cleaned it, something about it being unsanitary.” He said sadly.

“Want me to make you food?” Ryeowook asked kindly, Henry’s expression immediately brightened up and nodded excitedly. Yet when Ryeowook attempted to walk off Henry maintained his grip. “You’re making this a little difficult."

"I doubt I'm the only one enjoying this." Henry stated, Ryeowook's face turned scarlet as he squirmed to escape his grasp.

"Then no food." Ryeowook retorted. Henry froze, he was torn between holding on and food, when they both heard his stomach growl he reluctantly let go.

Ryeowook left to the kitchen and started preparing when he saw that Henry was reaching for the cookies beside the counter. Ryeowook pushed his hand away, Henry looked up and reached for it again. Ryeowook held his hand, “Henry, no.”

Henry locked eyes with him as he slowly reached for it once again with his other hand, but Ryeowook forced it away. Henry crossed his arms in defeat.

Ryeowook sighed as he returned to his cooking; when he looked back Henry was nibbling on a cookie. Ryeowook pursed his lips. Henry pouted. “But you’re taking too long.”

“Henry, you can’t do that!” Ryeowook lightly scolded, he took the box of cookies and put them away. Henry continued to nibble, when Ryeowook finally finished he turned around and was startled that Henry was right behind him. “Henry-“

Henry rushed past him with a spoon in his hand, Ryeowook sighed. “You could have waited.” Ryeowook forced the spoon out of his hand readied a dish for the impatient Henry. That’s when Henry gave his infamous smile.

“Or you could just feed me.” He suggested lightly, Ryeowook’s cheeks reddened.

“N-no, you can do it yourself.” Ryeowook stated, he turned the other cheek when Henry leaned in to see his expression. Ryeowook turned around again as Henry followed, they continued the cycle until Ryeowook barely pushed him away. “Don’t do that.”

“I make you nervous.” Ryeowook looked away. Henry stopped his teasing momentarily and hastily ate his food. Ryeowook started cleaning up and when Henry gave him the now empty plate. Ryeowook sighed and reached for a napkin.

“You need to eat slower, you still have some left over on your cheeks.” He said as he wiped away the food bits from his cheeks. Ryeowook patted both his cheeks and grinned. “They really are like mochis, I want to bite them.”

Henry lowered his eyes and grabbed his wrists. “You are not biting them, you can only kiss them.” Ryeowook looked down in embarrassment as Henry leaned in. "Thank you for the meal." They were too close, but Ryeowook didn’t back away and instead closed his eyes.

“Oh! The food’s ready.” Ryeowook immediately widened his eyes as Siwon walked between them and towards the pot. “I’m starving.” He said cheerily as he clapped his hands together. As he prepared his plate he turned to see a glaring Henry. “What’s wrong?”

“…I hope you choke.”


A/N: I easily thought that the hardest challenge so far was hands down 'yellow and blue make green' with pirates. 'Girls need sleep' and 'they walk on rocks' were pretty close too, but this one! My fellow prompter, you live to make my life difficult, but I love you for it :)
Tags: c: henry, c: ryeowook, challenge♣suju 31-shot, pairing: henwook, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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