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[SC14] Forgiveness Has Never Been So Difficult

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kichul
Genre: General, Romance, Comedy
Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.
[Y][FF][Challenge] Theme: Keychain, Phrase to include: "There's still a long ways to go, buddy"
Summary: He forgot it by mistake, but now he has to pay the price. Yet when its Heechul's price, it may prove to be a little much.


He really didn't mean to, but no matter how much he explained he got the same answer every time.

"I hate you, go away." Heechul called out from his room, Kibum heavily sighed.

"I'm sorry." He apologized. "I just forgot-"

The door immediately opened and revealed a seething Heechul. "You forgot our date with me?! How dare you."

"I was caught up with work-"

"Excuses will get you nowhere. You have to always place me first before everything else." Heechul reasoned.

Kibum furrowed his eyebrows. "But you place other things before me."

"It doesn't go both ways." Heechul stated. "And because of this, you are now further down my list."

Kibum rubbed his head. "I said I was sorry-"

"Enough with the apologies, start begging and seek my forgiveness." Heechul said bitterly. "Because I'm not forgiving you for this one." He asserted as he slammed the door on his face once again.

Kibum knew this would be difficult, yet he was used to Heechul's temper tantrums. So he waited till the next day to talk, but even then Heechul merely glowered at him.

"Don't even try." With that Heechul stalked out of the room leaving a pondering Kibum.

Kibum tried again and thought of potential bribery and decided to buy Heechul some expensive clothes. Heechul barely glanced at them and gave them to Heebum to play with, which he promptly began to claw the every one of the brand named shirts.

Next was food. He got him him every single of his favorite snacks, even if he had to travel to all the different stores around the city to get them. Yet when he piled them up and Heechul walked by, he sent another glare. "First you stood me up, now you want to make me fat." He threw a candy bag at Kibum's head, but proceeded to make himself a chocolate milk shake afterward as he continued to ignore the sweets on the table.

Kibum then asked around for advice and was torn between placing sticky notes everywhere or buying flowers. He decided to play down his pride and went for both. Heechul walked towards the kitchen, seemingly not noticing the sudden sticky note wall paper with phrases such as 'I'm sorry' and "Please don't make me write more of these.'

Kibum was tired of waiting for him to comment and asked. "Notice anything different?"

Heechul just took out his dinner from the fridge and there was a another sticky note on his lunch. He took it off and crumpled it. "What do you mean?"

Kibum dropped his head. Heechul was being beyond difficult, he decided to go for it and pulled out a bouquet of roses and gestured it towards Heechul. He paused and took the flowers from him, he examined it before hitting Kibum on the head with it.

"They're beautiful, but there's still a long ways to go, buddy." He uttered as he took the gift and his lunch and walked back to his room.

As a last resort he bought toys for Heebum, thinking spoiling his beloved cat would earn him some forgiveness.

Not even close.

Instead, Heechul lowered his eyes at him and threw the toys one by one back at him. "So you give up on me and try to please Hee?" He crossed his arms.

"I'm trying to make things right." Kibum said exasperatedly, rubbing his forehead from the headache this was causing. Kibum winced in pain, every gift was involving more and more head damage. "And Heebum-"

"Get it right, its Hee, Bum will now be removed permanently." Heechul declared.

"Isn't that going a little too far?" Kibum asked, Heechul's eyes sent daggers.

"So you think I'm taking this completely out of proportion?!"

"Yes." Kibum answered simply. Heechul got up and walked out of his room, a minute later he returned.

"Right, this is my room. You should be the one leaving." When Kibum showed no sign of moving, Heechul shoved him out.

Kibum had had enough and decided to go for his last attempt. Something that had nothing to do with the advice given to him from others or what Heechul usually liked. He returned the apartment later that day and forced his way into Heechul's room.

"You're aware you're asking for death."

"I'm aware, but accept these first." He threw a small bag that Heechul caught with his hands. He snorted slightly as he reached to take it out of the bag. When he did, he held it up in front of his eyes and widened them just a bit. Just in case, Kibum held up his hands in front of his head for defense.

"They're matching." Heechul commented, Kibum looked from under his arms. Heechul paused a moment as he examined the key-chains. "But you don't like couple items."

"No, but you do. And at least they're not as embarrassing as matching outfits." He muttered, Heechul rolled his eyes.

"Shouldn't be so wary of what people think." Kibum watched as as a smile gradually grew on Heechul's face. "Fine, I forgive you." Kibum heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"What was your next attempt going to be?" Heechul asked as he hooked on the key-chain to his wallet.

Kibum shifted his weight to his other leg as he lowered his arms. "Between singing outside your window and threatening your cat, I was leaning towards the latter."

"You wouldn't dare." Heechul narrowed his eyes as he reached for his cat.

"To force your forgiveness, I would."

"Heebum, you're allowed to scratch him." He told the cat, Kibum smiled at the name. "But singing outside, how sweet." He said, a slight sarcastic tone in his voice. He teased Heebum with his key-chain as he insisted. "But I would've been fine with a simple 'I'm sorry I was an idiot and will never be stupid enough to do that to you again.'"

Kibum lowered his eyes at the statement, the thoughts of the past week of suffering and torment replayed in his head and led him to his next action.

He plopped down beside Heechul and headbutted him in the head.

"What was that for?!" Heechul demanded.

Kibum smirked as he rubbed his own head. "Now we both can suffer together, you see." He grinned. "Matching."

Tags: c: heechul, c: kibum, challenge♣suju 31-shot, pairing: kichul, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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