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Not So Carefree

Drabble #1: Not So Carefree
Pairing: KyuChul
Rating: PG | Genre: AU!Humor/Minor!Romance | Prompt: Unwholesome
Summary: Such dreaded numbers.


"If you can't follow a simple diet that I laid out for you, this will become a problem." Heechul said irritably, this person was annoying him to no end.

"I choose to live a carefree life."

"You're choosing to be a size 4."

Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes, hating that dreadful number.

"What you need to do is stop giving in to temptation." Heechul lectured.

"I do not give in." Kyuhyun said hotly.

Heechul arched an eyebrow, shifting his glasses. "You're easily captivated by fattening food, bad movies, have a horrible taste in music and even the clothes you wear is questionable."

"You're my food coach, not my life coach."

"I may as well be, I demand a raise." Heechul added, his tone meant he was serious. Kyuhyun sighed, glancing down at the very, very small and barely noticeable pudge, still, a few inches caused massive concern for some reason.

"I can't help it." Kyuhyun admitted quietly, so low that Heechul almost couldn't hear.

"You will from now on, or else."

"Or else what?"

"Do you remember how we trained the dog to stop barking?"

"Yeah, with the shoc— You wouldn't!" Kyuhyun only widened his eyes at the other's diabolical smile. "Fine then..."

He pursed his lips, staring as the other scribbled on his notepad.

"So you're saying my taste in everything is bad?" Kyuhyun hesitantly asked.


"So the fact that I find you attractive must mean I have bad taste in men?"

"That's an exception." Heechul said dryly, earning a smile from the other.

"Then what's your type?" Kyuhyun asked.

Heechul remained attending to the notepad, ignoring the other for the most part, but his pleading look was almost desperate. "My type of guy... Needs to be..."

The chair suddenly tipped over the moment Kyuhyun heard the answer, cursing under his breath when the other maintained a cold smile.

"A size 2."

Tags: c: heechul, c: kyuhyun, pairing: kyuchul, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: drabbles

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