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[SC12] I Prefer The Real You

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Zhoury
Genre: General, Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.
[Y][FF][Challenge] Theme: Cable Cars, Phrase to include: "I'm not scared of falling into an ocean, I just hope the waters not cold."
Summary: Henry was tired of Zhou Mi's manly personality, he decided to get things a little rough in order to bring the real him out.


Henry smirked, he had done it. He had managed to 'convince' Zhou Mi into going on the cable cart ride with him. He knew his personality, Zhou Mi always had to agree because he was neither afraid or intimidated by the ride. Such a lie.

Zhou Mi kept his stern expression when he entered the cart and sat down, Henry sat on the opposite seat away from him. No one else entered and it closed. Henry smirked, if there weren't people around he would have easily rejected the idea. As the cart started going, Zhou Mi closed his eyes and leaned against the side.

"Scared?" Henry prompted, Zhou Mi didn't respond. "Oh, so you're not scared?" Henry said, he smiled mischievously as he got up and started rocking the cart. It barely moved but it was enough for Zhou Mi to bulge his eyes.

"Henry, stop!" He stiffened immediately as the cart kept moving. "Henry! Please don't-Nghhh." He hung on to the poles for dear life.

"Weee~!" Henry said playfully, Zhou Mi cried out in horror.

"You're going to kill us!"

"Am not, don't be so dramatic." Henry teased, Zhou Mi squeezed his eyes shut.

"Aren't you scared?! If we fall from this thing, we could drown!"

"I'm not scared of falling into an ocean, I just hope the waters not cold." Henry replied easily, Zhou Mi was about to retort but squealed in fear instead.

"I stopped." Henry stated, Zhou Mi peeked out of one eye and saw that Henry was standing a little too close to the door for his liking.

"Get over here." He ordered, Henry raised an eyebrow.

"Then come get me." Zhou Mi narrowed his eyes, Henry shrugged and instead stood closer to the door. Zhou Mi debated between his own fear of the cart and Henry's safety.

Zhou Mi closed his eyes again as he reached for Henry's sleeve, however, Henry pulled back even more. "Come... and get me." He nearly backed into the door completely when Zhou Mi reached out and pulled him. Henry smiled when he noted Zhou Mi's still shut eyes, he didn't fight back and instead allowed himself to be held the entire cart ride.

He knew it was over when Zhou Mi suddenly let go of him. He pouted, Zhou Mi's masculine personality was back, it remained dominant even as they walked out of the cart. Henry couldn't help but threw a fit wherever they went.

"You're acting childish." Zhou Mi said, Henry shook his head.

"You like it when I act childish." He replied, Zhou Mi remained silent.

Henry hated all of this, when they finally returned home he stomped off to his room and slammed the door. A few minutes later, Zhou Mi appeared as he slowly opened his door and hesitantly walked in. Henry knew then that his Zhou Mi was back.

Zhou Mi attempted a smile as he apologized repeatedly while kneeling beside the bed. "You... You know how I am."

"I do." Henry said. "Doesn't mean I like it." Zhou Mi looked down and shifted slightly. Henry sighed. "You know I like everything about you, except I could do without the shopping addiction."

Zhou Mi laughed and hugged Henry's waist.

"I like that Zhou Mi too." Henry admitted as he returned the hug. He smiled sincerely as he said. "But I'll always love this Zhou Mi more."

Tags: c: henry, c: zhou mi, challenge♣suju 31-shot, pairing: zhoury, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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