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[SC10] Multitasking At Its Worst

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yewook
Genre: Fluff, Comedy
Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.
[Y][FF][Challenge] Theme: reading, Phrase to include: "Don't swallow"
Summary: Ryeowook isn't the greatest at multitasking, sometimes Yesung wishes he didn't try.


When Ryeowook was preoccupied with something, he tends to not see anything else around him. That trait of his worried Yesung to no extent.

Yesung watched from the kitchen as Ryeowook ate his food from the living room while reading his book.

"Ryeowook! You'll drop the cup!" He cried out. Ryeowook barely looked up to see the tilting cup of water and quickly grabbed it. He moved it inwards on the table and then returned to reading.

Yesung sighed when he headed towards him. "Ryeowook, please be careful."


"I said be careful-Don’t swallow that!” He yanked the lego piece out of Ryeowook's mouth.

Ryeowook looked up at him, his mouth now hurt because of Yesung's actions. He patted his mouth.

"Eat first...then you can read." He compromised, Ryeowook thought it over before nodding and closing his book as Yesung looked around, making sure nothing potentially lethal was around Ryeowook.

Yesung continued watching over him, making sure Ryeowook didn't accidentally drop the hair-dryer in the bathtub full of water, grabbing hold of him before he fell down the stairs, holding him back before he crossed the street full of oncoming cars.

Yesung shook his head. He never thought reading could be so deadly to a person. He looked up and warned out loud.

“Ryeowook, you’re going to hit that pole... Ryeowook...RYEOWOOK!” Fortunately, Ryeowook didn’t run into the pole, he did however slip on the sidewalk. “Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

Ryeowook pouted, Yesung widened his eyes. “Where did you get hurt?! Where and I’ll-”

“My book.” Ryeowook teared. Yesung gave him a puzzled looked when Ryeowook pointed at his book that had sunk in the small puddle. “My book...” Ryeowook said quietly.

Yesung immediately reached for it. “Look, see, its fine.” He opened the book and cringed at the damage. “We’ll blow-dry it when we get home.” Yesung held out for Ryeowook’s hand and pulled him up. He continued to hold his hand the way home.

Sadly, when Yesung attempted to blow-dry it back at their dorm, he noted Ryeowook’s expression gradually worsen. “It’ll be fine, see!” He said as he opened the book. “Good as new.” He placed the book before Ryeowook.

Ryeowook attempted to flip a page and it tore, he then turned another page and a whole part was now stuck together. Ryeowook heavily sighed and pushed the book away.

Yesung cringed. “I’ll just let it dry in the sun and then-”

“It’s fine... it's fine." Yesung looked on sadly as Ryeowook rose up from the table and solemnly headed towards his room to mourn the destroyed book.

It had been days now and still Ryeowook continued to sulk. He tried to find the book in stores but it had all be either unavailable or sold out. He laid over the couch and tried to occupy himself with TV when he saw a small bag block his view.

Ryeowook looked up at a smiling Yesung. "What's that?" He asked.

"Its for you." Ryeowook knitted his eyebrows as he reached for the bag. Except Yesung teased him and pulled it away, Ryeowook had to raise himself up and tried again, Yesung held it up even higher. Ryeowook pouted and jumped onto Yesung to grab the bag, they both ended up crashing onto the floor. Though Ryeowook fared better as he landed on top of Yesung and succeeded in grabbing hold of the bag.

He straddled Yesung's stomach as he pulled the book out of the bag and tilted his head, once he flipped open the book however did he cry out in delight. "How did you?"

Yesung smiled, he still laid on the floor beneath Ryeowook. "Zhou Mi is pretty good with internet shopping, had to ask him for a favor."

Ryeowook grinned and pecked him on the forehead. "Thank you!" He said excitedly as he opened the book to read.

"I think I deserve more than that." Yesung muttered dejectedly. "Ryeowook, I think you should get up, my back hurts... Ryeowook, you can read on the couch... RYEOWOOK!"

In the end, Yesung had stayed in his position for hours before Ryeowook could triumphantly finish his book.

Tags: c: ryeowook, c: yesung, challenge♣suju 31-shot, pairing: yewook, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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