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[SC06] Your Place For Advice and Hazardous Food

Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Eunhae, ninja!Henwook
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Disclaimer: I don't own any SuJu member.

Beta: paradigm_twist 
[Y][FF][Challenge] Theme: donuts, Phrase to include: "cell phones can't talk back"
Summary: Some people get a little anxious when their boyfriend doesn't call, some people though, just might go insane. 

Donghae slumped his head against the wall and stared at the phone in his hand.

"You've been staring at that phone for hours now. Waiting for someone to call?" Henry asked.

Donghae was in Henry's dorm room and sitting on the opposite bed. "Yes! Why isn't Eunhyuk calling me? It's been forever since I've talked to him."

"Didn't you just see him this morning?"

"That was forever ago." Donghae sighed heavily again and glared at his cell phone. “Why don’t you just ring for once?!”

“It's unfortunate that cell phones can’t talk back.” Henry commented dryly as he laid on his own bed.

"Maybe this phone is broken...Henry, call me!" Henry sighed and dialed his number.

Do you want love Naega eotteohge haeyadwae And I want love Ajik saranghaneunde

Henry eyed him warily as he heard the ring-tone. "...You're starting to scare me hyung."

"This means my phone isn't broken. Which means Eunhyuk's not calling. Which then means he's mad at me. Which means we broke up-"

Henry interrupted his gradually panicked (and illogical) list. "Calm down hyung-"


"Hyung! Just calm down and call him." Henry suggested lightly.

Donghae took a deep breath. "You're right." He opened his phone and dialed Eunhyuk's number.

"Sorry. The number you dialed is not available-"

Donghae wailed as he collapsed onto the bed, tossing his phone on the pillow. Henry shifted his eyes awkwardly. Moments later he took out his own phone and started texting.

Donghae gave a dramatic sigh as he turned around.

"Want some food?" Henry asked cautiously as he closed his phone.

He shrugged as he continued to eye the phone. "Sure, why not?" He felt something hit his head and winced in pain as he looked down at the object. "I don't remember you bringing in doughnuts."

"I have all kinds if you want other ones." Donghae looked up and widened his eyes in horror as he saw Henry take out a box that was underneath his bed. "See, chocolate doughnuts!"


"Oh! I have glazed donuts too." He took out another box from underneath the bed, but furrowed his eyebrows when he took out a large box filled with pink frosted donuts. "... Hmm, don't remember buying these." He opened the box and sniffed it. "Still good."


"Want some milk too?" Henry asked with a smile.

"No... I-I think I'm good." Afraid of being hit by a gallon and the possibility that Henry might have actually kept such a thing underneath his bed.

They stayed like that for a while when his phone rang. "Hello?" He answered heavily before a smile broke out. "Hyukkie!" He said excitedly as he took the box with him and left the dorm room. Henry shook his head but smiled as he heard his excitement.


Ryeowook entered Henry's room later that day and sat down on his bed. "Did it work?"

"Yup! Eunhyuk called Donghae and I think they’re going out on a date." Henry smiled. Ryeowook shook his head and took out a napkin.

"You always make such a mess when you eat." He commented as he wiped his cheeks. "And Donghae didn't go out on that date."

"Why?" Henry asked, eyes wide with shock. He doubted anything could have stopped him after witnessing his hysterical moment earlier.

"He came down with food poisoning." Ryeowook replied as he took a bite of the doughnut that was offered to him.

Henry pondered that thought briefly, but merely shrugged it off as he reached for another.


Tags: c: donghae, c: henry, challenge♣suju 31-shot, pairing: eunhae/haehyuk, pairing: henwook, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots
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