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[SC02] An Unsuitable Partnership

Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Kyusung, ninja!Heebum
Genre: Comedy
Theme: Dragons, Phrase to include: "Whip it."
Summary: In a world of dragons, both Kyuhyun and Yesung must learn to fight them while trusting only one another… basically, they're screwed.


“Okay… I say we go left-"

“Why left? Why do we always have to pick where you want to go?"

“Yesung! I think I know this place better than you so-DUCK!"

“Why should-AHHH!” They both dodged the huge fire directed towards them. “What did you get me into?!"

“Stop arguing, start running.” They both quickly ran through the forest but the trees behind them were quickly uprooted.

Kyuhyun kept running when he noticed Yesung wasn’t around. He turned and yelled for him when he realized Yesung was throwing small rocks at the beast. Kyuhyun quickly reached for and forced him to keep moving. “I say we try not to piss of the dragon, shall we?” They soon took shelter behind a boulder.

Yesung tried to catch his breath. “Don’t these things have fears? Aren’t they afraid of mice or something?”

“….That’s elephants.” Kyuhyun said as he smacked Yesung upside the head. “We are going to die.”

“I appreciate your optimism, really.” Yesung said bitterly when a loud roar echoed. Kyuhyun then took a deep breath.

“Okay, I’m going for it.” Kyuhyun took out his sword and jumped towards it, just as he was about to attack it the dragon chomped on the edge and threw it to the far distance.

“Brilliant, I love your plan!” Kyuhyun ignored Yesung’s sarcastic tone and looked around. “Just whip it or something!” Yesung cried out from behind the boulder, Kyuhyun narrowed his eyes.

“Why don’t you come here and whip it then?!”

“Why? You’re off to a better start than I am.”

At that moment, a huge fire came towards him, Kyuhyun braced him for it but then felt nothing.

“This is what happens when you get caught up in games.” Kibum said with a monotone. Kyuhyun and Yesung both looked at the tiny white letters on the screen stating ‘You have used your last life.’

“You mean this is what happens when I don’t ask you and instead for this guy.” Yesung glared at him.

“I tried really hard-”

“And failed miserably, I knew I should have waited.” Kyuhyun complained.

“I guess I know I’m not needed anymore.” Kibum muttered, Kyuhyun clung to his jacket and pleaded.

“Kibum! I’ve learned my lesson, I promise not to betray you! I will also never ask this guy for help again!”

“Aish.” Yesung cried out as he dropped the controller on the ground and stomped out of the room. “Last time I ever bond with the boyfriend again.”

Kyuhyun ignored him as he looked up at Kibum. “What do you say, up for another round?”

“Nope, have a date with Heechul, later.” With that Kibum left the room, Kyuhyun banged his fists on the floor and yelled out.


“WHAT?!” Kyuhyun quickly scurried to the close the door as Heechul started banging on it. “OPEN IT AND FACE ME!”

“I think I’m good.” Kyuhyun replied as he locked it. He heard Heechul momentarily stop.

“What is it? Want to stop me from killing your boyfriend?”

“Not at all, just wanted to say I have the key to open his door.” Yesung said lightly, Kyuhyun widened his eyes.

“Yesung!” Kyuhyun yelled, shocked at his betrayal as he watched the door knob turned.

Yesung smiled triumphantly. “Like you said, you don’t need my help.”

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~ SuJu 31-shot Masterlist ~
Tags: c: kyuhyun, c: yesung, challenge♣suju 31-shot, pairing: kichul, pairing: kyusung, type: fanfiction, type: yaoi, | length: one-shots

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