Loyalties that guide you onto one path, guilt that coerces you into another.

Song obsessed atm: Sad People Should Not Listen To Sad Songs - MAYDAY + The Dark Knight JJLin.Ashin

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I seem intimidating, cold, serious and just plain pissed off. Guess I wasn't exactly born with a content expression, however I fangirl over groups and singers. Watch animes, listen to anything I like. Obsessed with shows like Law and Order, Psych, White Collar, Burn Notice, Disney classics, watching dramas and learning languages. Also because of my bffs who got me back into the fan-fiction world, which ended up being a good thing it seems because stories would bombard me every single night for the past four years .-.. Good outlet for it all ^^ Though I admit aside from writing for my own personal pleasure, I enjoy my friend's reactions from it. If it brings a smile or giggle or something, then I'm satisfied :)

I guess I should also warn that I always prefer a happy ending, can't write a sad/angst all the way yet. I also keep my stories to the highest of PG-15 cause I don't write smut... whether that will change in the future I have no idea ^^;

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